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Seventy percent of engine problems stem from water or contaminants in your fuel system!  Biocides and fuel stabilizers have their place but can be a mistake without polishing your fuel and cleaning your fuel tank first.  Worse, improper use of these additives can actually cause the exact damage you are working to correct!

Shoreline Fuel Services is your best resource for resolving fuel related issues and helping to prevent problems before they can occur.

We offer diesel, gasoline / ethanol and fuel oil related services to these markets:

  • Marine
    • Boats fuel tank cleaning
    • Fuel polishing
    • Fuel Pump Out and Disposal
    • Bilge Cleaning
  • Residential
    • Fuel Oil based home heating tanks
  • Agriculture
    • On site diesel and gasoline storage
    • Dead fuel pump out and disposal
  • Commercial
    • On site diesel filling stations
    • Standby generator diesel fuel storage

Whether you have an active fuel management program in place or need help developing one, call Shoreline Fuel Services today for a free consultation or price quotation.

When our clients are educated on the adverse affects of contaminated fuel and how easy fuel and fuel tanks become contaminated, our services and state-of-the-art equipment sell themselves.

Our Best Service Is Honesty & Reliability!

Shoreline Fuel Services is committed to the education and complete satisfaction of our clients – 100% Guaranteed!
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